CHINA Challenger

Not only the latest edition of the tennis tournament CHINA Challenger, also the previous years. Who won last year? What were the prizes? How has it changed over the years?
Fecha: Situación: Prize: Surface: Campeones:

Challenger: LIUZHOU 2019

1º- Davidovich
2º- Istomin
Week 43 China Prize: $54.160 Surface: dura

Challenger: BAOTOU 2019

1º- Duckworth
2º- Mukund
Week 35 China Prize: $54.160 Surface: tierra

Challenger: LIUZHOU 2018

1º- Albot
2º- Kecmanovic
Week 43 China Prize: $50.000 Surface: dura

Challenger: CHENGDU 2016

1º- Jung
2º- Ramirez
Week 31 China Prize: $125.000 Surface: dura

Challenger: AN-NING 2015

1º- Skugor
2º- Peperzeel
Week 18 China Prize: $50.000 Surface: tierra
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